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BHI promotes global equity by building high-quality health infrastructure in resource-constrained countries. Founded in 2014, BHI is a dynamic organization that is growing rapidly to address unmet needs for health facility improvements in response to COVID-19 and other pressing public health challenges.

BHI Approach: BHI optimizes outcomes in a climate of scarcity, enabling our partners to provide care to those who need it most. We work to make each of our healthcare facilities a part of robust public healthcare systems that will provide long-term quality, accessible, and affordable care to the local community.

Beyond Infrastructure: Focused on providing dignified healthcare and bringing partners together to increase impact for patients, clinicians, and communities worldwide.

Local Talent: Recruiting, training, and partnering with local labor and medical staff impacts economic development and facility longevity.

Energy Efficiency: Stable electricity is one of the most significant barriers to improving health systems and services in low-resource settings; we aim to provide affordable, efficient, and operationally effective sources.

Sustainability: Our multidisciplinary team and collaborative partners plan, design, and construct innovative solutions impacting health and environmental outcomes.

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