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What we do:
Think about the first time someone recognized in you a spark, a talent you hadn’t yet seen in yourself. Remember the way your heart soared when you felt the power of what you could do and be. At Street Business School (SBS) we are honored to help women living in poverty experience that feeling by turning their spark into a fire of purpose through our entrepreneurial training program. We provide entrepreneurial training programs for women living in extreme poverty through our Street Business School, which is currently expanding globally with a goal of reaching a million women by 2027.

We are proud of our successes! With our help:
• Ninety seven organizations in 21 countries worldwide are certified to offer SBS in their own communities.
• SBS graduates go from living on $1.35 a day, on average, to $4.19 a day two years later
• 89% of women who start business during Street Business School are still successfully running that business two years after they graduate

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