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Prosperity Catalyst Published: October 11, 2017
Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Prosperity Catalyst’s Accounting Manager will be responsible for ensuring the organization has strong financial and inventory management systems suitable to a small, but growing non-profit organization that also operates a for-profit business selling artisan products from Iraq and Haiti.  PCat currently operates from three offices, two field offices abroad, and a US-based operation which are funded by US Government grants, private foundation grants, individual donations and earned revenue.

This position reports to the Executive Director and will work closely with the two field teams and their managers based in the US.  Prosperity Catalyst is looking for a half-time Accounting Manager to ensure our financial and inventory management software and systems are up to date and suited to our needs; perform the day to day accounting; prepare monthly reports for each office detailing expenses by line item and source; assist staff to prepare budgets and quarterly reports to our donors; make payments to vendors; make tax filings; and engage with our auditing firm as required.  In addition, the Accounting Manager will manage relations with PCat’s payroll company and insurance companies.  Depending upon the level and experience of the selected candidate, PCat may contract with an outside CPA to provide oversight, quality control, and support through monthly account reviews.

The selected candidate will have at least 3 – 5 years of experience managing a complex accounting office.  S/he will ideally have experience accounting in multiple currencies, working for both non-profit and for-profit organizations, managing US Government funds in compliance with USG rules and regulations, and be familiar with tracking and valuing inventory located in multiple countries. Experience working with Quickbooks or similar accounting systems and proven ability to work collaboratively and productively with non-financial staff and of serving as a mentor to field-based staff from various cultural backgrounds is ideal.  S/he will be a team player, passionate about delivering results, a good communicator, and not afraid to ask questions.  French and/or Arabic language skills would be plus.

This is a 20 hour/week, remote position, which will require occasional site visits to partners in the Massachusetts area, as well as check in to the Cambridge-based office at most one day a week. Please apply via LinkedIn with your resume by Friday, October 20.



Financial, Procurement and Sub-award Policy Manuals

  • Annually review and update financial, procurement and sub-award policy and procedure manuals
  • Ensure HQ and Field staff follow the policy manuals
  • Maintain an up-to-date chart of accounts that captures all the line-items in the budgets
  • Review proposal budgets and budget realignments, ensuring that they capture all necessary costs, use the correct line items, follow donor regulations and that all of the formulas are correct
  • Assist in the development and review of internal annual budgets reflecting all necessary line items and sources for each field office and headquarters

Field Financial Management Systems, Reporting, and Disbursements

  • Ensure that each field office has solid financial management systems that are in accordance with the financial policy manual
  • Ensure field office teams have one person with the skills and responsibility to track all monthly financial transactions and prepare monthly financial reports
  • Review monthly financial reports and documentation submitted by field and provide corrective feedback as necessary and request any missing documentation
  • Upload field report data into Quickbooks
  • Generate monthly reports for each field office showing expenditures by line item and source at the level of detail required by the field to effectively manage their budgets
  • File all monthly field reports with documentation in the relevant monthly financial folder of PCat’s Dropbox
  • Make periodic disbursements to the field office of donor funds, based upon fund availability and justified field cash needs

HQ Financial Management Systems, Transactions, and Reporting

  • Ensure that the headquarters has a financial management system in accordance with the financial policy manual
  • Pay HQ vendors and correctly allocate expenses to relevant budget line item and source
  • Pay PCat staff salaries and benefits in accordance with Quickbooks timesheet allocations
  • Make and reconcile travel advances to HQ staff as necessary and in accordance with travel policy
  • Make necessary tax withholdings and filings of state and federal taxes from staff salaries
  • Make necessary health insurance withholdings from staff salaries and pay month health insurance premiums
  • Pay all PCat insurance policies when premiums are due and allocate them correctly to field offices as appropriate
  • Pay the monthly credit card bill; allocate to correct project, line item, and source; and file receipts provided by credit card holders together with the annual bill in relevant folder of PCat Dropbox
  • Make all other necessary payments, ensuring that they have the proper approvals per PCat’s policy manuals
  • Prepare a monthly report of all HQ expenses by source and line item in the format of the approved HQ budget
  • Participate in weekly team meetings as needed

Donor and Finance Committee Reports and Meetings

  • Prepare reports for donors consolidating relevant field and HQ transactions in the budget format required by the donor
  • Prepare a monthly consolidated report for the Board Finance Committee that reflects income and expense during the month, cumulative to date, and budget balances
  • Prepare a monthly cashflow projection for the Board Finance Committee
  • Participate in monthly Finance Committee and periodic board meetings
  • Participate in periodic meetings with donors


  • Ensure that all transactions during the year have the required level of documentation and follow PCat and donor policies and procedures
  • Ensure that personnel and credit card files are up-to-date and complete
  • Agree with auditor on annual audit timeline
  • Supply audit firm all sample documentation requested
  • Cooperate with donor audits as required

Please attach resume and cover letter to apply by Friday, October 20.

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