Consultancy: USAID Contracting Review

The Norwegian Refugee Council
August 30, 2021
Washington, DC
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1. Objectives and scope of work


The objective of this project is to provide NRC’s Partnership and Policy Department (PnP) with information to enable it to produce a recommendation to NRC senior management regarding the pursuit of U.S. government funded contracts. The recommendations should be in the form of a report in English and should include the following elements:

  1. A summary of, or guide to, U.S. government general contracting rules and regulations (including but not limited to the Federal Acquisition Regulations [FAR] and Cost Accounting Standards [CAS]), as well as USAID-specific contracting requirements (AIDAR), identifying those elements most relevant to NRC’s humanitarian activities and, where possible, providing commentary/explanation of how USAID interprets and applies the relevant provisions to Non-US organizations in practice.
  2. Identification of NRC processes that are non-compliant with U.S. contracting requirements, and/or significant gaps in NRC’s processes that may result in risks of non-compliance, including a ranking of risks where possible.
  3. Recommendation of actions required for NRC to become compliant with U.S. contracting regulations/requirements, including a prioritization of such actions based both on level of risk and cost of coming into compliance.

Scope of work

The consultant shall:

  • Undertake a review of the FAR, CAS and AIDAR that apply to NRC as a contractor of US-funded contracts
  • Undertake a review of NRC’s policies and procedures to see whether they comply and identify any gaps
  • Produce a report in English to summarize the findings
  • Organize a small workshop, seminar or presentation to present the report’s findings to key NRC staff

This is a home-based assignment.  The duration of the assignment will be 10 working days

Major tasks and responsibilities

  1. Produce an overview of the key relevant U.S. government regulations (FAR, CAS, AIDAR, etc.) that apply to NRC as a contractor or subcontractor
  2. Review NRC procedural documents – e.g. Logistics Handbook, HR Handbook, Finance Handbook, etc. – that establish processes and procedures that are employed in the implementation of projects that may be funded by U.S. government contracts.
  3. Identify existing procedures that do not meet U.S. government requirements, those that are required by the U.S. government and are totally lacking, and any other procedures that may be inadequate and contribute to risks of non-compliance with U.S. requirements.
  4. Create report consisting of the following parts:
    1. Summary of or guide to relevant U.S. government regulations identifying key elements for NRC to be aware of in implementation of humanitarian programming.
    2. Identification of high-risk issues and concerns, including areas in which NRC procedures do not comply with U.S. government requirements or are entirely absent, areas in which other NGOs have been known to have compliance failures, etc. This should include a ranking of risks based on likelihood of non-compliance and severity of consequences.
    3. Recommendation of actions for NRC to come into compliance with U.S. contracting regulations/requirements, including a prioritization of such actions based both on level of risk and cost of coming into compliance.

2. Implementation schedule and estimated inputs

Review of NRC documents: 6 working days

Analysis and preparation of report: 3 working days

Presentation of findings: 1 working day

3. Experience and qualifications

  1. Deep knowledge of U.S. government contracting regulations and procedures in general (FAR, CAS) and USAID procedures in particular (AIDAR)
  2. Knowledge and understanding of particular circumstances, risks, exigencies, etc. that affect humanitarian aid organizations operating in challenging field locations.
  3. Experience in implementation and/or compliance oversight of USAID contracts with an international NGO (INGO) or USAID Contractor required.
  4. Experience working with USAID in a program or compliance role a plus
  5. At least 5 years of experience in the humanitarian assistance sector

Excellent writing skills and ability to write in English

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