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September 26, 2020
Washington, DC
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InterAction is looking for a consultant Copyeditor. The selected candidate will lead the final review, editing and proofreading of the Roadmap for Research (R4R) publication, in consultation with InterAction.


NOTE: Please read the background to the Roadmap for Research below.

The R4R publication will consists of 19 chapters, each approx. 3000-3500 words (approx. 130 pages), currently being drafted and edited by experienced academics, researchers, and practitioners. The draft chapters are expected to meet the content guidelines and writing requirements.

The consultant will:

●       Clearly understand the objectives and target audience, familiarize with the editing processes, and InterAction’s style sheet, and branding standards (Style sheet and branding guidelines will be provided)

●       Work with Content Editors and InterAction and provide further guidance to chapter authors. (Sample drafts of chapters will be provided)

●       Conduct further in-depth review, with a focus on both content, narrative, and style of language

●       Prepare an agreed style sheet to promote consistent terminology and formatting throughout the document.

●       Review all draft chapters and comments. Undertake all necessary final edits and remaining content inclusions.

●       Ensure clear consistency and flow within the overall guidance note and between each chapter

●       Highlight any apparent contradictions, overlaps or gaps in content and provide solutions to address them

●       Carefully review and rectify grammatical and formatting errors

●       Maintain regular communication with InterAction’s focal point, and Comms team when required

●       Ensure that the editorial approach reflects InterAction shelter, settlements, and related humanitarian sectoral stakeholders’ input

●       Familiar with plain language editing

●       Be proactive in identifying issues, resolve them, and deliver final product within the stipulated time.

Planned timeline and duration:

This consultancy is expected to be carried out from October to December 2020. Work is to be carried out remotely. It is expected that the level of effort will be around 20 days spread throughout the timeline, with higher time commitment at the end of the timeline. Consultant will be remote/home-based. Timeline, duration, and TOR are subject to modification and will be discussed with finalists.

NOTE: Please read the background to the Roadmap for Research initiative below.

Roadmap for Research - Background:

Humanitarian actors are increasingly challenged to adapt to the scale and changing needs of affected communities. While facing increased frequency and intensity of natural hazards and conflicts, diverse contexts, and dwindling resources, they are expected to meet an increased array of services and needs. While constantly trying to improve practice, they are more systematically required to provide the rationale for the interventions, implement programs based on evidence, and measure short and long-term impacts.

Resources and technical know-how available to conduct assessment, design program methodologies, capture evidence and measurement techniques are however limited. There is a significant lack of systematic research and peer-reviewed publications in humanitarian shelter, settlements, and related sectors compared to developmental and social housing[1].

InterAction, with the support of USAID/BHA, facilitated two roundtables (June 2019 in London and July 2019 in Washington DC), involving over 70 academic researchers and practitioners. One of the action points was to strengthen research partnership between academics and humanitarian practitioners and to jointly develop a Roadmap for Research (R4R) to address evidence gaps to provide a pathway for further field research in humanitarian shelter and settlements assistance.

The R4R will build upon several initiatives[2] that have already taken place or are currently in progress within the academic and humanitarian communities. The R4R is currently being drafted by 19 teams of academics, researchers and practitioners working together with professional content editors. The This will result 19 chapters of approx. 3000-3500 words each or approx. 130 pages. The product the copyeditor will work with is expected to be high quality.

About InterAction: InterAction is the largest alliance of international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in the U.S., with over 190 members working in every developing country. Members are large and small, faith-based and secular, with a focus on the world’s most poor and vulnerable populations. The U.S. public, foundations and governments support the work of our members who collectively invest and manage over $18 billion a year. InterAction’s own funds come from dues and generous grants from others, such as foundations, corporations, and governments. Using its collective voice, InterAction seeks to shape important policy decisions as wide range of foreign assistance, relief, development, environmental and other issues that advance human dignity.


Interested applicants are required to submit:

  • A statement of interest or cover letter – Please specify commitment to meet the deadline, expected remuneration per day, and number of days proposed
  • A resume - highlighting knowledge and prior experience in editing/proofreading humanitarian publications.

Please submit your application to by 09th October 2020, with “R4R COPYEDITOR-LAST NAME” in the subject line. Applications will be reviewed as received. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

[1] Wider Impacts of S&S assistance (InterAction,

[2] Defining humanitarian S&S research priorities (

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