Director of Training and Curriculum

Child Aid Published: May 3, 2017
Antigua, Guatemala
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Position Summary:  The quality of our programs depends completely on the training and development of our staff.  The Director of Training and Curriculum is the key member of the Management Team with direct responsibility for (a) training and professional development of the staff that delivers all our program interventions; (b) aiding in continuous quality improvement of the curriculum and its delivery, including development of novel approaches to broadening and deepening the effectiveness of our intervention; (c) helping curate our book list and working with others to obtain the requisite number of books Child Aid supplies to each of the schools where we work; (d) involvement in on-going program evaluation activities.

  1. Training and Professional Development of Staff:

The position is intended to help identify and troubleshoot recurring problems in operationalizing our curriculum and pedagogical philosophy “on the ground.”  The position is not intended to directly deliver the program nor to specifically critique individual staff performance.  Rather the role is one of continuous quality improvement and empowerment of the staff of Literacy Trainers, especially those in senior roles.  Nevertheless, on-going participant-observation in workshops and coaching sessions in schools will be needed in order to identify areas of necessary further professional development, on-going challenges, and new opportunities.

 Specific Responsibilities:

  • Professional development & Growth of Pedagogical Competency of literacy Trainer Staff. Our staff of literacy trainers comprise various levels of responsibility, with opportunities for advancement between levels.  The highest level of trainers, asesores, each has a supervisory and mentoring role for a small team.  Much of the daily work of program delivery is done within these teams consisting of an asesor and 4-5 Literacy Trainers.  These positions are all held by Guatemalan nationals and currently number 15.  We expect that number to grow to perhaps 25 in the next several years.
  • In your role as the Director of Training and Curriculum you will be working most closely with individual asesores to develop their coaching abilities and provide them with the resources they need to mentor and develop the individuals on their team. This will occur through structured and scheduled meetings and more casual interactions. In this role you will therefore be helping asesores develop both a deeper understanding of and competence with the pedagogical materials, but also a higher level of skills in the managerial aspect of leading their team.
  • The Director of Training and Curriculum will develop more formal, monthly training units for all staff to be conducted during general staff meetings
  • The Director of Training and Curriculum will work closely as well with the staff consejo, which is a council comprising all asesores and various management positions (e.g. Country Director). The Director of Training and Curriculum is position will also be a member of consejo in an ex oficio role as part of management.  Work will consejo will include helping to create agendas, materials and activities for quarterly staff professional development Retreats.
  • The Director of Training and Curriculum will help with the recruitment of new staff trainers and will have a key and crucial role in on-boarding this new staff.
  1. continuous quality improvement of the curriculum and its delivery: The Child Aid teacher curriculum was recently revised to align with best practices in literacy, the Guatemalan Government's "Currículo Nacional Base" and the needs specific to Guatemalan school contexts.  Nevertheless, we consider the curriculum to be a living entity, and thus the person in this position will need to:
  • Explore and develop potential new program components in conjunction with the CEO in Portland (e.g. the additional of mathematics content; additional emphases on early childhood literacy; new solutions to the issues of bilingual education; programs for parents and other community involvement; novel uses of technology in training; etc.)
  • Keep abreast of changes in pedagogical theory and Guatemalan ministry of Education initiatives and evaluate when they suggest new curriculum or training approaches
  • Regularly assess aspects of the curriculum that may be working less well and require revision

 CURATING OUR BOOK LIST: Child Aid has a commitment to provide a balanced set of books that respond to school needs and the needs of our curriculum and that leave each school with at least 7 books/ child by the end of our 4-year program. We have developed a strategy and book list to do this, but on-going work will be required both to keep the list up-to-date and to help find appropriate publishers.

 Program Evaluation: Child Aid engages in ongoing monitoring and evaluation to increase our program effectiveness and attract donor support through student evaluations, teacher focus groups, and other methods. The person in this position, while not ultimately responsible for conducting evaluations will need to:

  • Work with the CEO in Portland, the head of our evaluation efforts in Guatemala, and the Country Director to provide feedback and help with the creation of evaluation instruments as necessary.
  • Create workshop evaluation forms in conjunction with staff that facilitators can use for immediate feedback after workshops.

 Reporting:  This position reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer in Portland, although daily activities require a great deal of independence and decision-making.


  • Bachelor's degree required; Master's degree highly preferred.
  • At least 3-5 years as a classroom teacher or literacy specialist at the elementary level
  • Experience with literacy coaching and teacher evaluation preferred
  • Experience with curriculum development and instructional leadership
  • Experience in international education or international development organizations, preferably in a Latin American country
  • Demonstrated commitment to quality education for underserved populations and agreement with Child Aid's philosophy of education, guiding principles, and mission.
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Ability to work in a self-directed environment
  • This position requires living in Guatemala, although exact location within the country is negotiable

Salary & Benefits:  Commensurate with experience and competitive with comparable organizations.  Includes generous pension, health care and vacation policies.

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