Market Analysis and Scoping Studies – Consultancy

Leonard Cheshire
April 3, 2019
home-based, United States
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Experience (minimum)
10+ Years
Education (minimum)
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Base Salary
$20,000 - 30,000



Leonard Cheshire is a leading inclusive development agency, with 70 years’ experience in supporting people with disabilities across the globe. Our international work includes inclusive education, economic empowerment, youth leadership, protection and wellbeing, policy and influencing and academic research. Capacity building of our partners and clients and utilisation of digital and technological solutions are cross-cutting to our work. We deliver our projects through local partners and also contribute to mainstream programmes with our technical expertise on disability and inclusion.

We hold the Secretariat for the Leonard Cheshire Global Alliance, a network of over 200 organisations across over 50 countries, one of the world’s largest networks wholly dedicated to supporting people with disabilities. Leonard Cheshire is one of 3 technical partners for disability for the World Bank, and works closely with the ILO, as well as collaborating with UNESCO, UNICEF, UNGEI and other global actors. We have four regional offices based in India, Kenya, Zambia and Thailand that are supported in their functions by our head office based in London.

Purpose and objective of the consultancy: 

As part of the plan to support our international growth, Leonard Cheshire is in the process of establishing a new entity in the USA called Leonard Cheshire USA Inc. The new office will enable us to expand our reach and influence, by opening up opportunities for new partnerships and access to wider sources of funding.

Leonard Cheshire USA Inc. will be critical in securing new partnerships in the USA, securing income from foundations, private sector and institutional income required to support growth. The purpose of this consultancy is to undertake market scoping exercises and development of a strategy for this expansion, enabling Leonard Cheshire USA Inc. to prioritise investments for growth.


Specifically, the consultancy will deliver the following:

  1. A stakeholder analysis of other international development agencies in the USA, with particular emphases on highlighting any focus on disability as well as partnership opportunities with mainstream organisations (INGOs, international development agencies, etc.) potentially requiring inclusion expertise and partners to successfully bid for mainstream tenders.
  2. A market analysis so that Leonard Cheshire USA Inc. is aware of key opportunities and risks within the international development market in the USA. Key considerations within the market analysis will be relevant political and operating environment factors within USA, highlighting networks, forums, and other stakeholders relevant to international development organisations based within Ireland, not included within the stakeholder analysis.
  3. A scoping exercise to highlight relevant funding opportunities for international development organisations based in USA. It is envisioned that the scoping exercise will build on the stakeholder analysis and market analysis, identifying relevant funding sources in the USA for international development organisations, including funders with specific interests in funding inclusive development. It is expected this will include institutional funders, foundations, corporates and other philanthropic sources within the USA market. These funders should be proven to be accessible to USA based organisations and have an interest in disability.
  4. A proposed growth strategy for Leonard Cheshire USA Inc. Following the above outputs and discussions with Leonard Cheshire, develop a detailed growth strategy proposal for expanding our income, brand and influence with key stakeholders, within this market. The strategy should build on the analysis undertaken in the above outputs to formalise key strategies to deliver our required growth and influence, including detailing prioritised approaches and targets, and timing and costs of key investments required.


The maximum amount of budget available for this consultancy is $25,000.


It is hoped that the consultancy can begin in May 2019 and take no more than 5 weeks. However, timings are flexible and we are open to hearing alternative time frames.

Application procedure and deadline:

Applications should be sent by email to by April 28th 2019. Applications should outline relevant expertise and experience, proposed approach for each deliverable, timeframes and costs. Costs should include a unit cost breakdown of days and cost per day for each deliverable. Applications will be scored against criteria including value for money, with a shortlist of applicants interviewed prior to final selection.

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