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April 8, 2019
Baltimore, Maryland
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Title: Strategic consulting support building PMA survey platform into a marketable service

Request for Information

Jhpiego seeks assistance to develop a business plan that defines a strategy for turning a grant-funded survey platform, Performance Monitoring for Action (PMA), into a self-sustaining entity that can be marketed and sold as a service.

The PMA project, currently funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has introduced a transformational and actionable survey platform that generates and disseminates data for governments, donors, managers, and advocates using a novel data collection approach and rapid turn-around times, offering a clear advantage compared to other survey mechanisms. The first phase of the project (2013-2019) focused on developing the survey platform and introducing it in 8 countries (Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Niger, and India) with a primary focus on family planning and reproductive health survey content. In this second phase of the project (2018 – 2022), the project will expand to 4 new countries (Benin, Guinea, Pakistan and Togo). The Gates Institute and Jhpiego manage the project out of a central hub in Baltimore. The project also has partners on the ground in each target country.

A key focus of the second phase is to evolve the PMA platform into a marketable service that organizations (e.g., donors, multilateral donors, governments and other international and national organizations) and potentially companies want to purchase, thereby ensuring long-term viability and sustainability of the survey platform. The PMA survey platform has already proven to be an attractive service that some clients are willing to pay for. To date, the PMA project has received approximately $8 million in funds from other donors to build additional modules and questions to the existing core survey. However, maintaining the platform in target countries requires significant resources. It is unclear to what extent and at what price point national governments and other potential clients are willing and able to provide funding to maintain the survey. Efforts are currently underway to detail and disaggregate the costs associated with various components of the survey platform to ensure the service is as cost efficient as possible and to inform potential business models.

Purpose of the Request

The project has already drafted a preliminary business plan that outlines the current products and services, market dynamics, and potential clients for the PMA platform. Jhpiego seeks assistance to review this draft plan, identify mechanisms to strengthen the plan (if needed) and to advise on the most feasible options for the PMA platform business model. We currently envision three phases:

Phase One: Review and assess the existing business plan to identify possible information gaps and additional analysis required to strengthen the plan, and to provide a framework for the final business plan document.  Deliverable: Final Business Plan Outline

Phase Two: As needed, provide guidance on the best mechanisms to complete additional analyses and information gathering activities required for the business plan. This phase may include conducting additional analyses in the event that Jhpiego does not have sufficient capacity to do so effectively or efficiently. Deliverables: Framework & process for conducting additional analyses, including a willingness to pay Analysis

Additional analyses conducted (if needed) 

Phase Three: Facilitate and guide a process among project staff to identify the most feasible business model options, modes of expansion into new markets or with new clients, the most efficient and feasible operational structure, and ways to price the service to make it as attractive as possible to potential clients. 

Deliverables: Identification of business models and associated price points

Identification of operational structure and expansion models

Request for Information

Jhpiego asks that interested parties note their interest and submit responses to the following key questions on or before April 15, 2019.

1.  Does the Scope of Work include sufficient detail to develop a responsive and costed proposal?

a.  What changes would you recommend?

b. Jhpiego welcomes feedback on the scope in detail, including proposed   alternatives. For all options, please detail the major phases, and for each phase:

2. Are the deliverables reasonable to the Scope as written? Do you envision additional deliverables as key components to measure success of each successive phase?

3. Kindly provide your recommendation on the timeline for each phase as outlined, as well as any areas that may have a material impact on the ability to adhere to the timeline.

4. What competencies and recent experience do you (individual and/or firm) have to perform the Scope of Work?

a. Please include areas of key staffing e.g., financial modelling, management consulting, family planning and/or public health expertise, etc.

5. What are the key inputs required by Jhpiego and the PMA project to successfully complete each phase?

6.  Please provide a rough order of magnitude (ROM) for each phase of the Scope of Work, as written or including those you have outlined if applicable.

7.  Certifications and or affiliations of the individuals and or firm to support your qualification

8. Please briefly (one to two pages total) describe similar projects you have done, particularly drawing out correlations to the challenge and work described. We welcome examples from for-profit as well as non-profit experience.

9. Primary contact information of the respondent, including CV. Jhpiego may request an interview by phone or in person.

Response Submission Deadline: April 15, 2019 Address responses to: Robert Feit, Privatin Consulting (on behalf of Jhpiego) Email responses to:

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