STOP THE TRAFFIK USA Operations Director

Stop the Traffik USA
January 22, 2018
New York, NY
Post Type
Experience (minimum)
2-5 Years
Education (minimum)
Travel Required?
Base Salary
$70,000 - 80,000


Title: STOP THE TRAFFIK USA Operations Director
Location: USA
Hours: Full Time
Reports to: STOP THE TRAFFIK USA Board of Directors
Salary: $75,000, plus $5,000 annual stipend for healthcare


STOP THE TRAFFIK is a pioneer in human trafficking prevention. Working to unite people around the world by inspiring, informing, equipping and mobilizing communities to:

  • Know what trafficking is;
  • Know how to identify it and how to respond;
  • Know how to protect themselves and others.

We act globally and think locally.

Human trafficking and modern slavery are truly global issues. Therefore, our work reaches all corners of the globe. Our goal is to build resilient communities, by turning them into places where it is harder for traffickers to hide their activities and their victims.

Given the organized nature of these crimes, we believe that the best way to combat them is through intelligence-led prevention. As such, we are collecting data and stories from around the world and building intelligence. Since 2005 we have done this by building diverse partnerships across local and online communities, business and financial sectors, law enforcement and faith networks. As a result, STOP THE TRAFFIK has engagement and access to a network of millions of anti-trafficking activists and communities, working across 150 countries. Based on our extensive experience in the sector, we know that the empowerment of communities, the development of a collaborative and cooperative approach involving a network of active stakeholders, and the timely collection, analysis and dissemination of trafficking data are integral to the prevention of modern slavery.

Our mission is to disrupt trafficking networks by starving them of profit through the greatest of tools: people and technology. To that end, STOP THE TRAFFIK’s main activities comprise:

  • Raising awareness of modern slavery/human trafficking in order to build resilient communities: through extensive awareness raising and engagement with every stakeholder: the public, statutory agencies, enforcement, government, financial institutions, businesses, faith networks, community leaders and NFP, giving every community the information and tools to take action against trafficking.
  • Working globally and thinking locally: our affiliates and partners around the world work to educate people on modern slavery/human trafficking and those who may be vulnerable and equip communities to spot the signs of slavery. STT uses social media to reach and raise awareness amongst its large online community. We also use dynamic public displays such as the STT GiftBox created in partnership with the UN and displayed in places like Union Square in New York.
  • Working with businesses and the financial sector to understand the impact of trafficking on them and to take preventative action: we work directly with companies across various industries to help them understand how modern slavery is manifested within their supply chains and aid on ways in which they can change business practices to ensure they are both transparent and slavery-free. The financial sector is working with STT to identify proceeds of crime and take action to disrupt the traffickers business model.
  • Actively disrupting human trafficking internationally: STT has developed a unique intelligence led approach to Prevention. This brings all aspects of our work into a powerful systemic model to disrupt the crime and enable communities to become resilient to the crime. We do this through the collection, analysis and dissemination of modern slavery/human trafficking data by the Centre for Intelligence-Led Prevention.

STT Global has pioneered prevention over the past 12 years.
STT USA was formed 2 years ago to further expand our mission.

Today we stand at the cusp of exciting new opportunities. Because of the success we see in fundraising, partnerships and USA campaigns, we are seeking to appoint the first STT USA Operations Director to bring organization and leadership to our work across USA and to share in our global vision to disrupt trafficking through being globally connected and locally led. This is a highly visible position offering challenge and the opportunity for growth and advancement as US operations expand.

Summary of Operations Director’s role:

We are looking for a people-oriented organizational developer who wants to join an exciting movement. You will be joining a team consisting of an active Board of Directors and will work closely with the Global STT CEO. We are looking for someone who can:

• Support the strategic vision of the STT USA organization in coordination with the Global CEO and global STT strategy

  • Support the STT Global CEO in building the USA partnerships significant to our work in data collection, campaigns and intelligence-led prevention strategies
  • Support the STT USA Board in raising funds to sustain the work of STT USA
  • Coordinate and manage the launch of various social media campaigns
  • Communicate to activists and STOP THE TRAFFIK partners and groups through different means of communication and resources
  • Participate in the relevant STT global meetings (through skype) What we are looking for:
  • Organizational development skills
  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Creativity and initiative
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent administration skills
  • Willing to learn and try new thingsWhat we will provide:
  • Education on STT work, issues of modern slavery and lessons learned from 12 years of industry work
  • Ongoing collaboration with global office to support establishment of STT USA
  • Support of an active and enthusiastic Board of Directors
  • Database training


Person Specification:   STOP THE TRAFFIK USA Operations Director

ESSENTIAL DESIRABLE Job Knowledge An understanding of basic issues around human trafficking Awareness of STOP THE TRAFFIK

Campaigning knowledge and understanding

Fundraising experience Experience

Past experience of building organizational structure in small systems

Being an activist or supporter for an issue / campaign or organization

To demonstrate competency in any of the following:

  • -  Communication with diverse constituencies
  • -  Using technology to distribute the STT message
  • -  Writing for grants and other communications
  • -  Database management
  • -  Effective use of social media
  • -  Creation of resources fortargeted groups

  Excellent oral and written English

Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to relate to a wide range of audiences

Excellent administration and organization

Ability to use Microsoft Office Other attributes Passionate about human rights

Self-motivated, able to work unsupervised

Mature and flexible approach

Team player

Willing to learn, & try new things

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