US Government Relationship Manager

Tearfund USA
January 28, 2019
Reston, Virginia
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The Tearfund USA team is made of Christians passionate about ending poverty. We won’t stop until poverty stops.  Inspired by the example and teaching of Jesus, we recognize that people have deeply interconnected material and spiritual needs. We seek to meet those needs by working through and with local Christians across the Majority World - primarily via Tearfund’s network of Church and Community Transformation (CCT) and Environmental and Economic Sustainability (EES) projects, churches and faith-based organizations who operate at the heart of their communities.

In seeking to increase the scale and impact of its work worldwide, Tearfund USA has designed this US Government Relationship Manager position in partnership with Tearfund (in the UK) to lead and coordinate its global funding relationship with US government.  The successful candidate will provide senior representation and build funding relationships with US government and US-based NGOs leading to the successful acquisition, management and reporting of appropriate funds.  In addition, the successful candidate will accompany and equip field staff to build in-country funding relationships with US government leading to the successful acquisition, management and reporting of appropriate funds.

The ideal candidate will have experience within the Relief and Development Sector, and a proven ability in securing funding and managing relationships with major institutional donors, particularly USAID. They will have experience of training and capacity building; project design, development and reporting; alongside experience in budgeting and financial management, monitoring and evaluation.

Position Responsibilities

Donor Engagement strategy

  • Develop and outwork US government funding engagement framework informed by corporate and front line needs, coordinating in particular with the International Group and the Global Advocacy and Influencing Group.
  • Lead the coordination of Tearfund’s organization wide funding approach with US government, ensuring its consistent application.
  • Work collaboratively across the organization, and particularly with the International Group, to guide the development and implementation of program funding strategies to secure appropriate US government donor funding, in line with Country Strategies.
  • Support field leadership in the development of strategic relationships with in-country/in-region donor offices.
  • Inform corporate strategic decisions through proactive research and dissemination of US government funding policies, priorities, mechanisms and opportunities, and analyzing future trends.

Donor Relations and Networking

  • Operate as lead contact with US government providing senior representation and building strategic relationships, whilst also supporting in-country donor relationships, with regular visits to Tearfund country offices.
  • Proactively managing meetings with US government representatives in Washington DC and with other larger agencies who receive funding from the US government. The purpose of these meetings is to help position Tearfund for sub-grantee arrangements with large International NGOs or others who are receiving these grants, whilst also helping the in-country teams develop their approaches for these funds.
  • Develop consortia with other agencies, developing the relationship at HQ level of US-based NGOs, with the express purpose of assisting our participation in consortia.
  • Initiate opportunities to strategically engage with and build relationships with US government.
  • Act as the central contact with specific networks, to maintain donor knowledge and develop a range of networking contacts across the institutional funding sector, particularly with peer agency counterparts.
  • Proactively seek opportunities to raise Tearfund’s profile and, in coordination with Program Funding Managers, actively engage with potential consortia partners, in order to secure US government funding.
  • Working closely with US CEO (when in place) to ensure all our US work aligns.

Funding Acquisition

  • Proactively scope, capture, track and raise awareness of all US government funding opportunities.
  • Provide rapid analysis of all US government funding opportunities, including tenders, leading to conversion into action plans and bid development where appropriate.
  • Guide and advise in-country teams on US government priorities and requirements leading to the successful development of proposals and acquisition of appropriate funding.

  Donor knowledge and learning 

  • Maintain an accessible central source of donor knowledge, providing proactive advice across the organization on US government funding, in conjunction with the US Government Grant Manager.
  • Track and monitor the outcome of all US government funding applications, capturing lessons learned and funding trends to inform best practice and improve the success of future funding applications.

   Grant & Risk Management

  • In conjunction with designated staff, ensure the submission of quality proposals and reports in accordance with US government requirements and Tearfund Quality Standards.
  • In conjunction with designated staff, accompany Tearfund personnel to ensure compliance with US government regulations, minimizing reputational and financial losses at audit.
  • For designated projects, maintain contractual information to fulfill internal and external auditing requirements.
  • For designated projects, monitoring of income and disbursement per contract.
  • Work with Tearfund Partnerships team to maximize co-financing for successful proposals and to pursue alternate funding opportunities for unsuccessful proposals

    Training and Staff Development

  • Develop training materials and deliver training to capacity build UK based and in-country staff, alongside implementing partners on generic approaches to institutional funding as well as on building donor relationships, acquiring and managing US government funding.
  • Undertake capacity assessments of implementing partners’ ability to manage institutional funding.

Minimum qualifications

  • A bachelor's degree in accounting, business management, finance or a related field.  Masters in a development related subject preferred.
  • Experience of senior external representation to donors.
  • Experience of working with Institutional Donors and an excellent understanding of approaches to strategic direction, priorities and procedures.
  • Proven track record of developing strategic relationships and securing funds with donors in-country and at headquarters.
  • Experience of supporting consortia bid development and on responding to donor tender opportunities
  • Experience of developing and implementing donor engagement frameworks and program funding strategies.
  •  Extensive experience in leading on proposal development, working with complex budgets.
  • Grant management experience with Donors, overseeing grant agreements, the submission of quality proposals, narrative / financial reports and monitoring of projects.
  • Experience in working in/leading consortia
  • Proven experience in leading training and capacity building staff and implementing partners in building donor relationships, acquiring and managing donor funding.
  • Experience of knowledge management
  • Comprehensive understanding of development issues and the role of INGOs.
  • Understanding of the Christian NGO space in the US and implications on key/controversial issues
  • Proven significant networking and relationship building experience
  • Proven ability to influence, galvanize and accompany senior colleagues in the development and implementation of program funding strategies.

Skills and abilities

  • Leadership skills in mobilizing key stakeholders in a coordinated response, to the successful completion of winning bids.
  • Demonstrated ability for proactive scoping and rapid analysis of funding opportunities leading to conversion into action plans.
  • Proven ability to think strategically
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to build strong working relationships with donors, front line staff and at headquarters.
  • Ability to work under pressure with minimal supervision, prioritizing workload to meet deadlines.
  • Possessing strong analytical skills and the ability to produce quality proposals, narrative / financial reports for submission to institutional donors.

The role requires up to 6 weeks travel per annum. All of the above responsibilities are to be conducted in a professional manner. They require attention to professional standards; Christian faith, morality and integrity; and positive interpersonal relationships.

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