Pure Earth

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Pure Earth is a leading international not-for-profit organization dedicated to solving pollution problems that affect public health in developing countries (www.pureearth.org). The organization focuses on reducing exposures to toxic chemical pollutants such as heavy metals and obsolete pesticides resulting from industrial, commercial, or informal/artisanal activities. Pure Earth identifies and cleans up severely polluted places, advises governments and development agencies on related issues, and conducts groundbreaking research on pollution and its devastating impacts on public health and economic development. Since 1999, Pure Earth has completed 110 environmental remediation/risk-reduction projects in 27 countries, impacting 5 million lives. In addition to our field work, Pure Earth recently spearheaded two landmark reports that have advanced the global dialogue around pollution: a joint report with UNICEF on children’s exposures to lead titled The Toxic Truth: Children’s Exposure to Lead Pollution Undermines a Generation of Future Potential; and the Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health—one of the most cited works from the world-renowned medical journal, The Lancet.

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