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Shine is unlocking new opportunities for the one in six people who are the hardest to reach: those who live at the end of the road, in remote areas or refugee camps, on mountaintops, and are most often the hardest hit by climate change.
Shine is a global campaign dedicated to ending energy poverty. Shine encourages foundations, communities of faith and investors to work together to unlock new opportunities to improve the lives of the one billion people who lack access to energy.

Partners from faith, finance and philanthropic organizations make up the core of the Shine Campaign. Shine also welcomes affiliated access to energy Champions (social enterprises and civic organizations) dedicated to ending energy poverty. Partners and Champions join Shine to link, learn and address the needs of the planet while creating greater opportunities for the poor.

We aid organizations in identifying and implementing commitments to end energy poverty and create opportunities to collaborate. We help organizations stay up-to-date on opportunities and innovation in this dynamic field and publicly celebrate success.

With a strong community of partners, Shine focuses on three Circles of Engagement:

Shine supports advocacy that educates decision-makers about the opportunity for distributed solutions, to remove barriers to the field, and to protect human rights and the environment in the development of new energy systems. Shine demonstrates the transformational benefits of energy access to education, health, gender equity, and development.

Shine supports community-based approaches. This includes community organizing, identifying demand-driven solutions, holistic development approaches to community needs, and a focus on productive use within communities to ensure economic development outcomes.

Shine increases the flow of capital to viable businesses that scale solutions. We identify investment opportunities, accompany partners in their journey to learn about access to energy, align capital when appropriate, unlock new forms of capital, and leverage greater resources to the field.
Shine launched in May, 2018, with over US$100 million in Commitments that are dedicated to closing the energy financing gap to achieve SDG7 — but we know that we have a long way to go.

Working together, we can help make sure that those who have been considered as “the last mile” of development can be the “first” to receive clean, modern, efficient energy via new business models, new financing and new technology.

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