Training and Development Specialist

Training and Development Specialist

Training and Development Specialist

Training and Development Specialist

March 17, 2023
Remote where MCC is a registered employer in the U.S., United States of America
Position type
Experience (minimum)
2-5 Years
Education (minimum)
High School
Travel required?
Base salary (minimum)
$50,000 - 60,000


JOB SYNOPSIS: The U.S. HR Training and Development Specialist is responsible for the strategic implementation of staff development for staff in the US. This includes supporting supervisors and staff in establishing individual goals and development plans as well as facilitating all-staff trainings.   




Specific Tasks and Duties:  


Staff and Organizational Development: (40%) 

  • Performance Reviews:  
  • Assist the HRIS Specialist with training and resourcing for Performance Review process in the U.S..  
  • Assist supervisors with the performance review and competency assessment process as requested.   
  • Ensure all Performance Reviews are completed for US and regions.  
  • Review performance appraisals, Initial Appraisal, and End of Term appraisals for US staff, noting specific needs for training or development needs/requests as well as trends. Develop processes to track requests and work with  supervisors and staff members to facilitate meeting training requests. 
  • Notify the HR Director of any gaps in compliance in lifestyle expectations. 
  • Starting in 2024, facilitate the Performance Appraisal process for Executive Directors in the US, including initiating the appraisals, working with the U.S Executive Director to track reviews, closing the appraisals, and facilitating the technical aspects of the competency assessments (bi-annually).  
  • Meet with the Employee Engagement Specialist and International HR Specialist annually to review trends in training requests/needs from Performance Reviews.  
  • Policy:  
  • Maintain the Staff Training and Development Policy for U.S. staff. Recommend changes to the HR Policy Review Committee on this policy as necessary.  
  • Develop Succession Planning policy and procedures for the U.S.  
  • Review all staff development requests under Staff Training and Development for approval. Ensure fairness and equity in application of this policy. Coordinate with payroll and FS for reimbursement. This includes study leaves, alternative assignments, and other development reimbursement requests. 
  • Supervisor and Staff Resourcing:  
  • Develop tools and templates for staff development plans 
  • Provide support to supervisors on individual development plans of staff members 
  • Develop supervisor support and resourcing. Identify new supervisors and ensure support for new supervisors by collaborating with their supervisor on a training plan, facilitating a new supervisor support group, and helping to establish mentor and coaching relationships as needed. 
  • Give leadership to onboarding processes for US staff including:  
  • Develop onboarding plan and tools for onboarding in the U.S. Train managers on use of templates and tools.  
  • Walk with supervisors and new staff in MCC U.S. during the weeks between acceptance of offer letter and start date with MCC, assisting supervisors with developing an onboarding plan and establishing mentoring relationships for new hires as needed and ensuring new staff have information needed for the first day.  
  • Walk with supervisors and new staff in MCC U.S. during the first few weeks of employment ensuring each one receives the HRIS training needed to carry out functions relevant to their role, assist in balancing sufficient on-boarding info while preventing overload of info and giving feedback on these aspects to supervisors.  

Training: (40%) 

  • Conduct needs assessment for training and staff development in the US to enhance the effectiveness of employee performance in achieving the goals and objectives of MCC.  
  • Obtains and/or develops effective training materials utilizing a variety of media as appropriate to the needs of adult learners. 
  • Establish and facilitate a routine supervisor training program/calendar for U.S. supervisors. Ensure supervisors are trained in and understand their responsibilities under MCC policy and legislative requirements. This includes training on harassment and anti-oppression as well as other relevant issues. 
  • Set system-wide training calendar and goals for U.S. staff in collaboration with the Dismantling Oppression Team, HR team, and other MCC supports. This may include worker care and support, policy and benefit training, and anti-bias training.  
  • Work with the Worker Care Group Manager and HR Comp & Benefits Team to stay current on legislatively mandated training for all US locations and supervisory levels. Plan for/implement mandated training by collaborating with local HRs to schedule and drawing in appropriate expertise.  
  • Support regions and networks by consulting on training requests as needed.  
  • Coordinate with the Safeguarding Coordinator to facilitate safeguarding and harassment training annually for US staff. Become qualified to administer Plan to Protect training.  
  • Evaluate training progress and training methods to monitor and analyze effectiveness and modify or update curriculum as needed.  
  • Represent the MCC US HR on organizational working groups related to training and development as requested by Worker Care Manager.  

Training Administration (20%) 

  • Maintains accurate HRIS records of training participation. 
  • Develops and maintains organizational communications & logistics such as announcements, invitations, and registrations to ensure employees have knowledge of training and development events and resources. As need, prepares and distributes instructional materials, handouts, evaluation forms, visual ais, posts resources to appropriate virtual locations for reference after training is completed. 
  • Oversee the HR aspects of Learning Management Software (LMS), representing HR on the LMS reference group. Train managers and staff on the use of the software.  
  • Serve as a member of the SCOOP committee 

Other duties as assigned on a temporary basis  




Organizational values and culture: All MCC workers are expected to exhibit a commitment to a personal Christian faith and discipleship; active church membership; and nonviolent peacemaking. MCC is an equal opportunity employer, committed to employment equity. MCC values diversity and invites all qualified candidates to apply.  



  • High school diploma  with 3-5 years in HR learning and training, education, or organizational development. If no relevant experience, higher education attainment in one of the fields above required.  
  • Proficiency in Office Suite, (specifically Word, Excel, Forms, Teams) and electronic communication with technical aptitude.  
  • Excellent English communication skills, both written and oral. 
  • Intercultural Experience and Competencies. An ability to respectfully and appropriately interact with a diverse range of team members and candidates.  
  • Demonstrated relationship skills.  
  • Skills in critical evaluation, ethical practices, and attention to details.  
  • Ability to keep personnel information in confidence and use discernment in confidential situations. 


Employment eligibility: Legally eligible to work in the U.S. MCC offers of employment are subject to a successful criminal background check(s). 



  • Spanish Fluency 
  • HR Certification, or additional education (bachelors/masters) in HR, business management, organizational development, education, or a similar field 

 Anti-oppression commitment: MCC expects all staff to actively participate in an organization culture that focuses on dismantling any barriers based on race, economic inequality or gender-based oppression. This includes an expectation to assess and address any barriers within themselves, within their team(s), and within MCC

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