Consultant: Risk Sharing& Simulation

Consultant: Risk Sharing& Simulation

Consultant: Risk Sharing& Simulation

Consultant: Risk Sharing& Simulation

August 22, 2023
Anywhere and Geneva, United States of America
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Request for Proposals 


Consultancy –Risk Sharing Framework Tabletop Exercise & Simulation Workshop 


August 2023 


InterAction is seeking proposals from consultants to assist in the development and execution of a tabletop exercise to simulate  the 2023 Risk Sharing Framework. The successful consultant will work closely with InterAction to develop and finalize preparatory materials for the exercise and facilitate an interdisciplinary workshop to simulate the framework. The workshop aims to achieve the following objectives:  


  1. Participants will practice using the Risk Sharing Framework and develop a strong understanding of its application and how it can be used in several different scenarios.  
  1. Participants will be able to identify possible risk sharing solutions that can be applied in their own partnerships, programs, and operations, including preventative risk response strategies that supports risk mitigation as well as reactive risk response strategies that support managing and responding to risks when they materialize.  


Following the workshop, the consultant will produce summary and outcome documents through a consultative process with the team. The project includes several key components:  


  • Work jointly with InterAction, and with the risk sharing platform co-leads as necessary, to prepare and design the Risk Sharing Framework Tabletop Exercise & Simulation Workshop.  
  • Design the approach, scope, and orientation of the tabletop exercise, using the 2023 Risk Sharing Framework and other relevant background materials.  
  • Run a version of the small “test” workshop with a small group to refine and finalize the design of workshop scenarios and exercises in advance of Geneva workshop.  
  • Develop preparatory materials and other supporting documents to conduct the tabletop exercise of tabletop exercise and workshop materials. 
  • Facilitate a multi-day workshop in Geneva engaging with participants from UN agencies, NGOs, and donor governments.  
  • Analyze outcomes of the workshop and create summary report.  
  • Assist in determining next steps and necessary follow-on actions after the workshop, including a possible light after action review.     


Background and Purpose  

In response to a call to action following the 2018 Grand Bargain, the Netherlands Foreign Ministry, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and InterAction convened to co-lead the Risk Sharing Platform-- a group of diverse stakeholders dedicated to understanding, defining, and ultimately improving risk sharing practices across the humanitarian system. The platform brought together representatives and risk experts from donor governments, United Nations agencies, Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement, INGOs and local and national actors. This wealth of expertise informed the co-leads’ 2022 publication of a report detailing examples of positive risk sharing practices, as well as those that yield negative consequences, titled:  Risk Sharing in Practice: success stories, enablers, and barriers to risk sharing in the humanitarian sector.” 


To further build out the strong foundation of this initiative, the Risk Sharing Platform co-leads convened once again in 2023 to develop, through a highly consultative process with platform members, a Risk Sharing Framework. Guided by a set of core principles, this framework is intended to provide a structured and collaborative approach to identifying key risks that effect the humanitarian delivery chain, and to promote equitable dialogue across partners and agreements on risk sharing solutions. This Framework was published in June of 2023 and released via a high-level dialogue at the Grand Bargain annual meeting.  


The purpose of the Tabletop Exercise is as follows: 

  • To advance and support uptake of the Risk Sharing Framework by humanitarian donors, UN agencies, and NGOs/INGOs, local actors, etc.  
  • To fill a gap between the Frameworks’ inception and its operationalization in complex humanitarian settings.  
  • To simulate common scenarios and roles within the humanitarian delivery chain that demonstrate the usefulness and need for the Risk Sharing Framework. 
  • To provide a discussion-based platform for identifying risks, organizations’ self-reflection, and identifying best practices. 
  • To produce outcome documents which demonstrate lessons learned and provide supportive insights to organizations in their efforts to deploy the risk sharing framework.  


Key Deliverables 

  • Facilitate both a mini-test workshop to refine TTX materials and approach.  
  • Facilitate TTX workshop in Geneva 
  • Final workshop documents including scenario and activity modules for tabletop exercise. 
  • Workshop reference materials, including handouts, briefing packets, presentations etc.  
  • Final workshop summary and outcome report, including recommendations for future work and action needed.  



To be considered for the consultancy, candidates should have the following skillsets:  

  • 5 to 8 years field experience in the humanitarian sector with a particular focus on risk management in programs and operations. 
  • Expertise and a successful track record in facilitating workshops with diverse stakeholders.  
  • Strong understanding and knowledge of different dimensions, interests and perspectives of humanitarian organizations and donors, and how these might influence approaches, policy, or practices around risk management.  
  • Experience and knowledge of conducting simulations, trainings, or scenario-based learning at a senior level.  
  • Strong analytical and writing skills and the ability to produce high-quality content oriented towards achieving core objectives.  
  • Flawless presentation and coordination skills, and the ability to synthesize complex themes and inputs into useful analysis, products, and resources.  
  • Ability to deal with sensitive data and information diplomatically, with a strong commitment to confidentiality around risk events.  



The workshop is tentatively slated to be in person in Geneva, occurring between November 1-3, 2023. The consultant must be able to travel to Geneva during this time to facilitate the workshop in person. 


Timeline and Applications 

It is expected that this consultancy will not exceed 30 days. The consultancy is expected to start mid to late September 2023, with the timeline of work occurring between the end of September to end of November 2023. Preparatory documents should be finalized by early October, and outcome products will need to be finalized by late November.  


Applications must include CVs of individual consultant and/or team members, a 1-2 page outline of a proposed methodology for undertaking the consultancy, and a detailed budget and timeline for activities, including total number of days anticipated for the work and the consultant’s daily rate. Applicants should not include travel or accommodation costs in their proposal.  


Applications will be reviewed based on: 

  • Key compentencies and skills 
  • Management, including the timetable for deliverables; 
  • Quality of technical proposal; and, 
  • Budget, ensuring value for money 

*** This consultancy is contingent on funding.   

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