Strategic Support and Parental Leave Coverage Consultant

Strategic Support and Parental Leave Coverage Consultant

Strategic Support and Parental Leave Coverage Consultant

Strategic Support and Parental Leave Coverage Consultant

February 7, 2023
Washington, D.C.
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This TOR is meant to define the scope of a consultancy in InterAction’s project NGO Collective Action (co-funded by the Swiss Development Cooperation and USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance). The specific goal of the project is that NGO fora in humanitarian settings play an increasingly vital role in driving forward humanitarian responses that are principled, accountable, and localized. The consultant will be double-hatted, providing part-time coverage for the parental leave of the project lead, while simultaneously reviewing the work of the project to date and making strategic suggestions for its future success.



InterAction, in partnership with SDC and co-funding donors, has been supporting vital NGO coordination in contexts around the world since late 2018. Without this support, due to their independent and relatively autonomous nature, NGO coordinating bodies would function with limited upstream assistance. They lack access to the internal resources that a single NGO country office might benefit from their corresponding headquarters.


Throughout the 22 months of implementation of phase 2 of the project to date (March 1 2021 to December 31 2022), we have continued to see borne out how complementary and collective action by humanitarian aid agencies is essential to an effective response across all complex crisis contexts, and how NGO fora in humanitarian settings are vital to that action. We have continued to focus on growing the community of practice (now encompassing nearly 30 forum members), ensuring the continued accessibility and relevance of our shared file system, and supporting joint advocacy campaigns (a never ending task, as needs and assistance grow only more complex), all to ultimately capitalize on the expertise held within the humanitarian NGO fora, endeavoring to elevate their voices more strategically to the level of global humanitarian conversations. Our evidence and indicators bear out that our workstream succeeds in reflecting the needs of the secretariat staff and steering committee members, who are frequently called upon to deliver on the strategies designed to benefit the broader NGO collective, while connecting them to global-level conversations that they otherwise would not have access to.



Our NGO Coordination Advisor, who has led on this project in partnership with SDC for the past four and a half years, will take a four-month parental leave starting in approximately mid-March. Rather than view this as downtime or a pause for the project, we are eager to take advantage of her temporary absence to bring in a strategic consultant with pertinent NGO forum experience and a relevant but unique vantage point. This consultant will partially overlap with our Advisor and then provide coverage in her absence, to ensure that we have handover and never become complacent in our activities to fundamentally meet our aims through this workstream – a more principled, more accountable, and more localized humanitarian response globally.


Expected Tasks & Deliverable

  • Contributions to the draft of the final program report (it will be mostly drafted before the parental leave begins)
  • Contributions to the search for follow-on funding to the project
  • Handover notes at the end of the consultancy, including tasks performed and tasks that will need to be done in the future
  • A brief “recommendations” paper with any strategic ideas for future work
  • Lead monthly all-forum calls
  • Interact with the community of practice via the skype group
  • Be available for bilateral calls and advice
  • Gain relative familiarity with the file system on Box and the 5Ws to support the community of practice in accessing tools and information



Primary: Forum Secretariats and key contacts at InterAction in the humanitarian practice, policy and protection teams

Secondary: Donors, host agencies, steering committees, and other key stakeholders



The research is expected to commence March 1st, 2023. The consultant is expected to work part time, on a schedule mutually agreed to, for 50 days (400 hours) to take place between March 1st and May 31st, 2023.



To Apply: Please e-mail your resume and cover letter to with subject line Strategic Support and Parental Leave Coverage Consultant.

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